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  Through the arts, our collective creativity has the ability to build personal and communal connections to our Judaism and to God. We named this festival in recognition of B’TZALEL, the chief artisan of the Tabernacle who was in charge of building the Ark of the Covenant. He was said to be highly gifted as a workman, showing great skill and originality in engraving precious metals and stones and in wood-carving. He was also a master-workman, having many apprentices under him whom he instructed in the arts. Through his wisdom and knowledge he was able to bring out great skills in others to create the place where God would dwell. Temple Beth El will host its first ever B’TZALEL ARTS FESTIVAL, where gifted artists from within our own temple community will be sharing their talents with us through a series of arts workshops through the month of May 2017. CONNECT! CREATE! COLLABORATE! The festival culminates on Sunday, June 4th at 4pm with an opportunity to SEE, HEAR, and TASTE the creations at our Artist Showcase.


Sponsored in part by an Impact Grant from Jewish Federation & Family Services



About Our Artists

Isaac Buchannan
Cook Like a Boss (Culinary Arts)

 For Isaac Buchannan, cooking has always been a passion of his — always!  Ever since he was a child growing up in a diverse household, food has always been a group effort.  From learning how to bake cakes and pies from scratch to homemade tamales to fried chicken, down to his mom's pizza.  There were not many dishes that they didn't try or try to duplicate.  This love sent Isaac off to multiple schools in foreign lands to expand on his culinary talents.  Eventually he ended up back in California and began cooking up and down this great state, opening or assisting with openings of several restaurants.  Yes, he even tried starting his own business, but timing was not on his side in 2008!  Now that he is a father and husband, he left the restaurant business, though not entirely, and now works on the sales side of the IT world. He still has a small business that produces an all-natural line of HAWT sauces and pickles. He dreams that one day, his HAWT sauces will replace Tabasco Sauce on restaurant tables.  Isaac’s goal is to make food fun because it's one of the few things families can do together almost every night.   Good food is simple food.

Mary Church
Kids and the Sea (Photography)

Mary Church’s love of photography deepened on the valley floor of Yosemite while working in the darkroom of the master, Ansel Adams. It was through further inspirations of creative visionaries Weston, Penn, Stieglitz and Strand and their work in the fine art of platinum photography, that she was drawn to her medium. Using historic platinum/palladium/gum over process, with hand-mixed and hand-coated emulsions, she is able to create unique archival prints with a delicate tonal range.
Hand-pulled images can take up to 72 hours to create, beginning with a digital 35-mm negative, medium format film, hand coating the crafted paper from France, placing into a light source, then a bathing process, followed by hanging, drying, resizing and a final drying time.
A living, breathing image comes to life and will continue to live on for over 100 years.  It is my hope that my images will bring the viewer into a place of deep pleasure for years to come…and so it begins!

Alan Fenning & Jason Baker
The Art of Home Brewing (Culinary Arts)

Alan and Jason, aka Horseshoe Brew & Bake, are award winning home brewers.  They brewed the 5 different beer styles and Alan made most of the challah pairings for the highly successful Beer & Bread bash marking the end of Passover in April, 2016.

 Jason and his wife Rachel (Alan’s daughter) and their son Austin live in Irvine.  Jason received his BA from UCLA and his PhD in clinical psychology from Penn State.  Jason and Rachel are both professors at CSUF and are co-directors of the CSUF Center for Autism.

 Jason started home-brewing as a grad student at Penn State in 2003.  When their family moved to Irvine in 2011 after several years in Florida and Wisconsin, Jason introduced Alan to the world of craft beer, and Alan started assisting Jason with home brews.  By 2014, they had expanded their repertoire and decided to step up from their basic set-up to a fully integrated 15-gallon brew system, the BrewMagic  V350MS.  They brew whenever Jason’s hectic schedule permits. 

Alan and his wife Lisa have lived in San Juan Capistrano since 1986, and they have been members of TBE for 30 years.  All four of their children had their b’nai mitzvah at TBE.  Alan has been active in TBE leadership in various ways over the years, including as president in 1991-92 and again from 2005-10.  Alan received his BA in philosophy at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) and his JD at UC Berkeley School of Law.  Alan spent most of his career as a legal and business executive in the electric power industry, primarily involved in the world-wide development, financing and operation of numerous power plants (mostly utilizing alternative and renewable energy technology).   Alan currently serves as vice chair of the advisory board for the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights at CMC.   Lisa retired at the end of 2016 from her career as a nationally recognized big-firm corporate bankruptcy lawyer, having also served as a U.S. bankruptcy judge for over 14 years.      

Kim Goering
Crafty Cookies (Culinary Arts)

 Kim Goering is a former Social Worker, turned stay-at-home mom, turned Cookie Decorator! She started making cookies about 3 years ago for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. From there she started making them for family members, and eventually for bake sales and fundraisers at here at the ECC. After much encouragement from friends, she decided to start a small business making and selling cookies from home! Her business is called Mini and Me Bakery. She exclusively does custom ordered decorated sugar cookies.




Roger Gordon
The Art of Introspection By Process of Extrospection (Portrait Drawing)

Roger Gordon was raised in Southern Africa, (Zimbabwe), and then transplanted to the United States as a teenager; he has learned to straddle dynamically different worlds and cultures.
He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and continued his studies in painting at the Art Students League in New York City where he studied the Frank Reilly method of painting with Jack Faragasso.
Rogers paints in a representational manner and his subject matter tends to be upbeat as opposed to grotesque or morbid.
Each painting is built on a foundation of classical training and years of practice. To Roger, imbuing life into a blank canvas or sheet of paper is a seminal process of creation and purpose. Currently, Roger teaches Studio Art at a public high school in Santa Ana.


Jennifer Joyce & Kerri Boulian
Fun With Clay (Ceramics)

Jennifer Joyce, a native of Southern California, is a sculptor and ceramist whose body of work is both thoughtful and whimsical. Jennifer brings a unique background in art, dance, music, archeology and photography to her art.
From 1995 to 2013 Jennifer operated a studio and gallery in Santa Monica where she made and showcased her work and taught ceramics to people of all ages.  
Moving to San Clemente in 2013, she converted an old warehouse space to continue her work in a larger studio and on a larger scale.  She is currently designing and fabricating custom ceramic commissions for international five star hotels and casinos as well as custom commissions for developers and landscape architects.
Jennifer Joyce splits her time between projects and classes.  You can join one of her ongoing adult pottery classes where complete beginners work next to advanced potters in a relaxed, stress-free and creative environment in a small, intimate class setting.  Each class series comes with materials, firing, instruction, clay, glazes, tools and equipment needed for all classes.
Jennifer has been in featured in solo and group shows, magazines and has work in LACMA, The Skirball Cultural Center as well as numerous private collections.

Diane Hajnal
The Art of Inner Expression (Painting)

PictureFine art painter, innovator and teacher, Diane Hajnal is a prolific artist whose work is widely sought by collectors, synagogues and schools and adorns the homes of many family and friends.  Students have gathered from near and far to learn from her and study her unique method.  

Diane was born in Chambly, Quebec, a small, French Canadian town near Montreal. Raised on a farm, she was one of eleven children.  The arts were a major part of her upbringing. Growing up in the country she developed a deep and profound connection with nature, which is expressed throughout her art.

In her late 20s, Diane moved to Los Angeles, California with her husband where she settled down to raise a family.  She and her husband filled their home with art and music which they passed down to their two children. 

During her early years in Los Angeles, Diane took art classes at UCLA and Mount St. Mary College as well from renowned artists including Patty Flynn and internationally celebrated sculptor Leonard Schwartz. His method of teaching made a lasting impression on Diane. It was during her studies with Leonard that she developed her own unique style of painting and created the Art of Inner Expression. An avid reader, Diane delved into the subjects of psychology, mythology, religious studies, spirituality and art history.  The knowledge she gained from her studies coupled with her previous teaching and life experiences, greatly influenced her method.  After Leonard's passing, Diane's fellow students encouraged her to start teaching and she began offering private and group classes in her home studio.

Lawyers, psychologists, financial consultants, business executives, even other artists have come from near and far to study with Diane and learn how to unlock their creativity through her unique process of painting. Through the Art of Inner Expression, Diane teaches her students, young and old, to discover and unlock their inner suppressed feelings and experiences, without fear and with confidence. The Art of Inner Expression does not require any previous art experience or unique talent.

Diane is available for private, semi-private, or group classes as well as for retreats.  To buy or commission original artwork, please contact her at

Sherri Hofmann Krause & Sara Wood
Baking a Bridge to Sacred Space (Culinary Arts) Sherri Hofmann Krause is a Jewish educator who worked at TBE for more than 25 years until her retirement in June 2013. She is noted for her creative curriculum development work with teens and adults. At TBE she developed and executed the Madrichim program for teens and the adult holiday workshop program. The adult holiday workshop introduced adults to the Jewish Shabbat and holiday cycle including their historical, spiritual, and psychological backgrounds coupled with practical cooking application. The practical application phase included preparing the special foods for each holiday and challah baking for Shabbat. The goal of these cooking classes was to integrate the intellectual aspects of Judaism to their daily application, and in this way demystify them, making them real and useful to the students in their everyday lives.
The Madrichim program was designed to engage post b’nai mitzvah students as leaders in the life of the synagogue through working as teacher’s aides in the religious and Hebrew school as well as song leaders for services. Sherri’s legacy continues today at Temple Beth El, having raised a generation of dedicated Jews who are connected and dedicated to the community.

Ellen Prince
Creating Dance and Physical Theater, the B’tzalel Way

Ellen Prince has been involved in the theatre and dance world in many capacities. She danced with the Norman Walker Dance Company in New York, the Ben Howard Company in Los Angeles and has danced in the ensemble of many musicals. She holds a degree from University of CA with a major in dance and a minor in theatre.
Ellen has taught at Beverly Hills H.S., University H.S. - Irvine, Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, Riverside Community College, and privately. She has taught courses in Musical Theatre Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Modern dance, choreography theory, Physical Theatre among other dance and theatre disciplines.
Ellen has also choreographed in academia and professionally for over thirty years and has been the recipient of choreography awards for the musicals “Nine”, “Singing in the Rain”, “The Wiz”, and the critically acclaimed “Pacific Overtures”. Ellen Prince has spent most of her choreographic career in Southern California which includes her TV choreography credits “The Great Pretenders” for Fox Network. Some of her credits include original shows at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles, The Avery Schreiber Theatre and the NoHo Actors Studio. Ellen has been and is still choreographing for the Laguna Playhouse and No Square Theatre spanning over eighteen seasons where she has had the privilege of choreographing The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz, among others. Ellen has choreographed for many Civic Light Opera Companies. She has served as the resident choreographer for South Coast Musical Theater and for Irvine Civic Light Opera. She has also taken her work to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge while having fun with her temple community.

Kathy B. Shapiro
Modern Photography

KathyBShapiroHeadShotsmall2x2.jpgKathy Shapiro is a fine art photographer specializing in modern color abstract images.  She seeks to create abstract art through manipulation of her lens and camera settings. Her main focus is on lights and colors.  She likes to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary!  She starts off experimenting and when she finds a camera or setting and angle that gives her a desired output, she goes back and recreates, adjusts or manipulates further. She is often surprised with her results. Kathy sometimes uses minimal post processing techniques like hue adjustments. Thus, her abstract work can be viewed as "engineered serendipity".
Kathy is a juried artist/ member of the Los Angeles Arts Association, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been shown in Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Long Island City, NY, Tiverton, RI, Middlebury, VT (and soon Brooklyn, NY).
Private collectors include: Hoag Hospital, Irvine, CA and Richard Landry, AIA ("architect to the stars").

Debra Solomon
Healthy Whole-Wheat and Delicious Challah (Culinary Arts)

A mother of two, now in their early 20's, Debbie Solomon had taken a nutrition course and was determined to provide healthy food for her children.  When the store bought whole wheat bread would go bad within 3 days, she began making it from scratch with store bought whole wheat flour.  Several recipes later, she still wasn't happy with the results.  Having made challah for years, with no problem, she was puzzled why this wasn't working. Then someone sent her a loaf of bread made from fresh ground wheat berries, and everyone loved it.  She has been hooked ever since.  She makes muffins, cookies, cakes, pizza dough and bread, all with freshly ground wheat berries, and it always works, and is so much healthier!  Adaptive baking is one of her passions; so is hiking, skiing, rescuing standard poodles and quilting.

Ilana Rogel-Wieder
Stories In My Pocket (Theater)

 Ilana Rogel-Wieder was born in Latvia and spent her childhood years in Israel. She moved with her family to California at the age of 12 and began pursuing an acting career soon after. She performed in numerous theatrical productions, such as “The Three Sisters” and “West Side Story”. Ilana studied pantomime with Marcel Marceau, and was selected to be the mime host for a dance show. As part of her graduate studies at UC Davis, she was chosen to study acting at the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, Russia.
During Ilana's stay in Russia and as a thesis for her graduate studies, she wrote a One-Woman show called “Drunk with Russian Love.” The play is about three characters struggling to find love in a new and confusing world. Their challenges with alcohol addiction and their quest for realizing their dreams. She performed the show in Los Angeles and received rave audience reviews. In pursuing her acting career, she landed the role of Angela in the animated Television series, “The Butt Ugly Martians”. She continued working as a motion capture artist utilizing her skills of acting, pantomime, and dance. Ilana's more recent roles in Children’s Television include Piggley Winks in “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks”, Yasmin in “BRATZ” and Strawberry Shortcake in the hit television series by the same name.
In her spare time, Ilana enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, photography and writing.

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