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Small Groups

If you had a positive experience with your small group and want to continue getting together in a meaningful way, here are some recommendations that you can choose from:

  • Read any of the following books together with your group and discuss:
  • Increasing Wholeness – Rabbi Elie Spitz (discussion questions included at the end of each chapter)
  • Seven Questions you are asked in Heaven – Ron Wolfson (discussion questions included at the end of each chapter)
  • Rabbis Respond to 12 Essential Jewish Questions – Edited by R. Paul Citrin (discussion booklet online at Temple Beth El’s Small Groups page)


These books are all available online. Each one of them explores issues around living a meaningful life. You can volunteer to host your group for a period of time or have rotating hosts.

  • Go as a group to any of the following events (
  • Jewish Folks Telling Jokes Comedy Night – January 21, 7 pm
  • Get a table at our annual Gala honoring Susan and Michael Goldfader and Jeff Greer and Keary Gregg – March 4, 6 pm
  • Get a table at our Temple Beth El Second Night Passover Seder with Rabbi K’vod and Cantor Young – April 11, 5:30 pm
  • Attend our Earth Day Outdoor Shabbat Service – April 21, 6:00 pm


  • Participate as a group in a volunteer or social action opportunity. Some possibilities are:
  • Walk to End Genocide – April 30th from 8 am – 12 pm at La Brea Tar Pits. Contact Evan Wohl for more info:
  • Mitzvah Meals Soup Kitchen (located at Temple Beth Shalom in Tustin)

Help prepare and serve meals every Sunday to provides sustenance for approximately 1200 underserved men, women and children in our Orange County community every month. Sign-up information:

  • Plan to meet with your small group in someone’s home on Friday evening, June 9th for our Community Shabbat Experience. More information to come…


We hope you will continue to meet with friends and congregants in this intentional way. We encourage you to let things be organic and meet your needs and the needs of your individual group. You can continue to meet with the same people. You can break off from your group and form a new one with other friends. There are no rules to this process – only a desire to connect in a meaningful way.





Click here for flyer version

Click here to registerOur congregation has identified that building meaningful relationships among congregants is a top priority for our community. This year, we will create opportunities through “small groups” for congregants to connect with others in an intentional and structured way. Initially, a small group meets for 6 weeks around a compelling topic. Our inaugural six week program that begins in the fall is entitled:

How Our Relationships Can Help Us Live More Fully.
Each group will pick its own weekly time to meet in a congregant’s home during the period of
October 20 – December 1, 2017
Each weekly session will have a topic with a teaching from one of the rabbis accompanied by discussion questions.

Session 1: Introduction to Covenant: The Jewish View of Sacred Relationship
Session 2: “If I Am Not for Myself...” Self Respect and a Personal Relationship with God
Session 3: Shema: Sacred Listening
Session 4: “Let There Be Light” The Power of Our Words
Session 5: Am Yisrael: Being a Part of a People
Session 6: Widening Our Circle: Expanding Our Connections and Embracing Diversity

Each session will include a 10-15 minute DVD segment or YouTube video followed by discussion questions that engage people in exploring the material and sharing personal experiences.

After the six week period has ended, the members of each small group will decide if they want to continue meeting. They can pick study materials and topics from a recommended list, or plan to attend synagogue services together, or engage in a social action project. Group members can also decide to form or join another group or take a break from meeting with the group.
At the end of the six week period, groups will be invited to share their experiences at a Shabbat dinner with the congregation as a whole on Friday, December 9 2016.

How Do I Participate?

During the High Holy Days, every member of the congregation will be invited to be a HOST. A HOST picks up the 6 Week Program kit (distributed right outside the sanctuary and chapel on Yom Kippur) which includes: A DVD, HOST instructions, Discussion materials, and other resources. The HOST can invite 1 or more people of their choice to form a “small group.” The people can be Temple members or not. The minimum size of the group is 2 and the recommended maximum is 8.
The HOST finds a weekly time during the six week period to host the group at their home.

YouTubeYouTubeThe role of the HOST is to:
H - Have a heart for people
O – Open your home
S – Serve a snack
T – Turn on a DVD or YouTube video

Host Materials are here and our YouTube Channel is here.

If you want to participate but do not want to be a HOST, you can click here and fill out a brief form and you will be placed in a small group geographically close to where you live.

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